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They are metal salts of acid produced from the sulphonation of alkylated aromatics by reaction with sulphur trioxide.
Synthetic Calcium Sulfonates

Synthetic Magnesium Sulfonates

Synthetic Barium Sulfonates

Synthetic Sodium Sulfonates
Sulphonic acid is a raw material for lubricant additive sulphonates. PPPL produces sulphonic acid from a C20-24 linear alkyl benzenes and branched alkyl benzenes as well as from other fractions of alkyl benzenes. Synthetic sulphonates manufactured from sulphonic acid are used in all ranges of house hold detergents formulation. 
LABSA (Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid )
Preeti Petrochem Pvt. Ltd. (PPPL) offer various range of emulsifier packages for soluble cutting oils.

Metal Working Industry is going through a rapid change in recent times. Main concerns are health,safety and low cost with improvement in productivity.Metal working fluids are basically coolants and lubricants which are used generally to absorb heat and reduce friction generated while machining and grinding.

Considering mainly safety and health of workers in the above Metal Working Industry, PPPL have carried out an extensive research and developed Metal Working Bases which operate at lower percentage with various types of mineral oils in soluble cutting oil formulations.These Bases have high corrosion inhibiting properties and form very stable emulsions in hard water.
In today’s world of spiraling oil prices, conservation plays an important role in costing as well as managing the industry effectively. Keeping this in mind, Preeti Petrochem Pvt. Ltd. (PPPL) has developed an innovative technology for petroleum and petrochemical industries as well as for Lube additive manufacturing industries. 

The valuable products which get trapped in the filter media or otherwise in other media are recovered in their virgin form in most economical rates. No chemical reactions are involved in this innovative process and backbone structures of products are not disturbed.
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